January 20, 2007

Altemeyer on Authoritarianism

The other day Glenn Greenwald noted that Professor Robert Altemeyer, the social scientist John Dean consulted for his book, Conservatives Without Conscience, has written a book for laymen that discusses the research he's taken part in for more than 4 decades. Now, not only has he put together this great book, he's making it available on the web for everyone to read.

In his intro, he talks about why he felt it was important to provide this information to a very broad audience for free. As he notes, much of the study on authoritarianism has concentrated on the authoritarian followers, but not too many people have done much to understand what makes the authoritarian leaders tick. And he thinks it is crucial that our country understand these people and use the evidence and our knowledge of how they act to prevent their insiduous takeover of our country.

The book will be published on the web in 8 sections consisting of an intro and seven chapters:

  1. Who Are the Authoritarian Followers?
  2. The Roots of Authoritarian Aggression, and Authoritarianism Itself
  3. How Authoritarian Followers Think
  4. Authoritarian Followers and Religious Fundamentalism
  5. Authoritarian Leaders
  6. Authoritarianism and Politics
  7. What's To Be Done?

Here's the link to the intro (pdf) which he closes with the following:

Chapter 1 of this book, "Who Are the Authoritarian Followers?" will appear on this website on January 15, 2007. A chapter a week will be added thereafter, until all seven chapters are present. They will then remain here for at least a year.

Chapter 1 (pdf) is now available on the web.
Chapter 2 (pdf)
Chapter 3 (pdf)
Chapter 4 (pdf)
Chapter 5 (pdf)
Chapter 6 (pdf)
Chapter 7 (pdf)

What a great gift for us all. It is my profound belief that understanding what makes people tick is one of the crucial things we much know if we are to ever save humanity from the scourge of global warming and this work will provide an essential piece of that puzzle.

Update: I plan to add new chapters as they become available.

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Le Pen and his Dobermen

The chairman of "Front Nationale" renewly candidates at the presidential vote in France

The way of Jean-Marie Le Pen leads thru an imposing wrought-iron gate with light-barrier and secret-code. It seperates the exterior world from the noble estate on the hills westward of Paris. Here, in Parc Montretout with its millionaires mansions and their guaranteed free view on the Eiffel tower, Le Pen occupied his HQ thirty years ago.
Two mistrustingly grunting dobermen are company en route to the well-built (impressive) mansion, that is told to be 900 square meters large. Like a civic manifestation is the (interior) furniture: An oil-paint-portrait of the young sergeant Le Pen in bright parade-uniform, on a sideboard is the bible. Though Le Pen is divorced he keeps up family values. Daughter Marine, Le Pens possible successor at the top of the party, lives in the administrators house on daddys ground.
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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 14-1-7

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