January 17, 2007

Jurors for Libby's Trial

TPMMuckraker says the jury pool for Scooter Libby's trial is quite interesting. DC is most obviously a very, very small town. How about this guy?

Another candidate, a former Post journalist, seemed to have a link to nearly every key player in the case. He had worked in the paper's Metro section, he said, where his editor was Woodward, a key defense witness. Until two years ago, he lived across an alley from NBC's Tim Russert, a star witness for the prosecution. And he had gone to parties with The Post's Walter Pincus, another defense witness. . . .

Then he noted that one of his best friends plays in an over-40 football league with Libby. And he has heard that Libby "has a great arm."

Did he mention that he went to grade school with Maureen Dowd, he asked the judge? That would be the New York Times columnist who publicly savaged colleague Judith Miller after some of Miller's reporting on the Iraq war came to light around the time of the Plame investigation. Miller is a witness for the prosecution.

It sounds like this trial could rival the Simpson trial in sheer fascination.

On another note, we at Pacific Views are all praying for a speedy recovery for Jane. Hopefully, she will be providing us with the ins and outs of the Libby trial soon.

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