January 14, 2007

An Untimely End

This post by Jon Swift should be considered for a 2007 Koufax Best Post Award. It's an amazing retrospective of the best of Michael Ledeen.

Go now and enjoy.

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Two more hangings in Iraq

I just wrote this concerning Reagan and on americablog, but I think this is a good description of GWBs motivation also

I mean I remember Reagan also as somebody who made pretty polarized statements and wasnt necessarily a content producer. "Well bomb Moscow in five minutes" was one of them. GWB and Reagan had pretty much the same humour. They can be very eratically tearing certain things down and mocking them. I mean I dont say the left is free of such attempts. Though it was the cold war and I always thought of Reagan as slightly lunatic&mad.
Despite the word on everybodys tongue was privatization.
The Repugs made billions in the eighties, think of AT&T for example, to finance their hideous spending.
People are saying when looking at GWB hes not as rigid as the repugs b4 him when it comes to spending.
That is utter bullshit. Reagan had hardly a balance after selling half of the state.
Think of Clinton. He had a 500bio$ surplus.
Now GWB cant sell anything anymore to let his cronies rock. That is easily to be recognized through the ever mounting US debt.
Reagan was pretty adventurous. Grenada for example. He liked small provocations to put up certain "borders."
In the end, when Gorbatshov came in 1987, he could only accept the Soviets were unwilling to continue their opposition towards the United States of America. Reagan looked tired after-for example-giving a speech in front of the Berlin wall. The cold war was breeding ground for many righties to hack lefties. McCarthy for example. Reagan was no exception. Ford had the ability to unite nevertheless, Reagan had it difficulties. Reagan was a divider hen it came to welfare or state as such. Communism was the alter ego. I think the Repugs had liked to stay on this "easy" track for a while. They couldnt.
Today we got the "terrorists." GWB is creating some similiar threat. It never really vanishes due to failures in crafting. Instead of shooting Oussama he inflamed Iraq and created anger around the Arab world.
I dont know why the Repugs think theyre winning thru black and white.
"What were looking at is good and evil, right and wrong. A new world order."

Posted by: ccokz at January 15, 2007 02:17 AM

Hilarious! Thanks for the link. I never would've come across this site were it not for you.

Posted by: Richard Silverstein at January 18, 2007 03:36 PM