December 09, 2006

Facts are More Stubborn than Bush

Stephen Pizzo gets to the heart of the matter of what's happening with George W Bush's presidency.

At a Senate hearing yesterday James Baker warned that the commission's report "should not be treated like a fruit salad, picking this, rejecting that." That missed the point. We are not worried that the commission's report is a fruit salad, but that the guy they wrote it for is.

During Watergate the nation was spared the sad, and potentially dangerous, specter of a sitting president going stark raving mad in office. Adults in Nixon's own party conducted an intervention, leading their emotionally - and increasingly mentally - crippled leader safely off the world stage. It was an act of both statesmanship and patriotism by that handful of sage-like Republicans. It was also an act of kindness and compassion for a mortally wounded leader -- albeit the wounds were self-inflected.

So, is George W. Bush cracked or cracking? Or is what I witnessed this week just more of the uninformed, spoiled, arrogant little putz that 71% of us have come to dislike. Only time will tell -- but time is short.

President Bush hinted he would give a major speech before Christmas during which he plans to show Americans -- and the world - that he really is in touch with reality. But everything I know about George W. Bush argues against any sudden redemption. Because, as Oscar Wilde correctly pointed out, "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." And no president in America's history has been less imaginative than George W. Bush.

But if GWB is anything he's stubborn. Consistently so. Trouble is facts are even more stubborn. And it's facts now --- not Democrats, not surrender monkeys, not cut-and-runners, not the French, not the UN, not Michael Moore, not Cindy Sheehan - but the facts confronting George W. Bush. And facts can't be silenced by calling them names or insinuating they are "unpatriotic" facts. Facts are just what they are, nothing more, nothing less. And the facts on the ground in Iraq are ugly and will get even uglier in the weeks and months ahead.

The next few months will be very hard on Bush 43. Maybe too hard. We may see the weight of it all too much for a guy accustomed to getting his own way and never having to acknowledge, much less clean up, his own messes.

Welcome to the deathwatch on Bush's presidency. And one thing that truly worries me is as his presidency dies, that it's already too late because it seems that the United States and the world are already fated for decades of war and catastrophe because of his disastrous decisions.

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Ah, W.'s just the front man, the cheerleader; and cheerleaders just keep bleating on, unless the loss is so bad that they start sobbing, which I'll bet we never see W. do. Cheney's the one who is propping him up, and since he's out of the limelight, we don't really know what this bunch will do next. They aren't W.'s decisions, he's just the mouthpiece. He may get cranky, but he really isn't involved. And Cheney will skate.

Posted by: isabelita at December 10, 2006 10:40 AM