December 05, 2006

About Those Ads?

Kids see a lot of ads. And a lot of those ads deal with impotence drugs. Pediatricians would prefer that kids see a lot less of those ads and a lot more ads for birth control.

Children should be exposed to fewer television ads for anti-impotence drugs and more for birth control, and need to be shielded from an advertising onslaught in general, the leading U.S. pediatricians' group said on Monday.

..."We'd like to see more birth control ads," Strasburger said, "and less ads for erectile dysfunction drugs because it makes sex seem like a recreational activity."

He said there was no evidence that advertising birth control products would increase promiscuity.

The pediatricians group urged the U.S. Congress or government regulators to restrict the airing of erectile dysfunction drug ads until after 10 p.m. when fewer children are watching television.

They also recommend that children should be taught media literacy so they could be immunized against the overwhelming onslaught of ads that are vying for attention.

What a boffo idea!

Via HindSight.

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