November 21, 2006

Bush's Appointees for Women's Health

The Bush administration announced that they are appointing Eric Keroak, who believes contraception is deeming to women and believes that women who have too much sex will (horrors!) deplete their Oxytocin, to head family planning programs for the Department of Health and Human Services.

Isn't it reassuring to recognize to what extent Bush will go in finding qualiifed appointees to cover health issues for women? After all, it was only last year during the Katrina emergency that he named Dr. Norris Aldersen, veternarian, to be the director of Office of Women's Health in the Food and Drug Administration. Oh, that's right, that nomination only lasted a few hours because it seemed very weird that Bush could only find a veternarian to take charge of the Office of Women's Health.

Perhaps Laura was right to complain about her husband's penchant for milking male horses? Or perhaps, this is his revenge on her? Anyway, it would be nice if Bush just left the positions unfilled until a new administration came on board. Someone else might take this part of governing more seriously.

Feministe has a good rundown on the latest terrible appointee.

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