November 14, 2006

Automakers Support Liberal Health & Energy Agenda

Really? Well, certainly moreso than this article suggests they support the radical, unregulated market approach of the Republicans. When representatives of the big three automakers met with Bush, this is what they told him:

... The automakers asked the president to consider energy policy that favors so-called bio fuels such as E85, 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline and bio-diesels that use soybeans to replace some of the petroleum content. The automakers are willing to make half of their vehicles on those two fuels by 2012, they said in the statement.

Bush was also asked to greater focus on so-called catastrophic coverage, the cost of treating serious illnesses or chronic diseases from one percent of the population the create 30 percent of the nation's health-care costs, the executives said in the statement. The automakers also supported programs to make the costs and effectiveness of medical treatment more transparent. ...

Translation: They don't want to get creamed by overseas companies who are voluntarily making more sustainable cars, but they need legislative cover in order to ensure that they're on the same playing field. And the costs of healthcare are breaking them, like they're breaking everybody else.

Posted by natasha at November 14, 2006 07:20 PM | US News | Technorati links |

HAHAHA this is ridiculous. Automakers actually want to make fuel efficient cars now just to be on the same level of overseas automakers. It's ridiculous because they are trying to kiss ass to the government to get support for this new energy policy which would make cars that rely less on gas. I'm sure that they automakers only want to follow this energy policy to make more profits than the overseas companies and not to protect our planet. And I also find it random that they want Bush to concentrate more on” serious illnesses or chronic diseases” because I don’t see why it would concern automakers.

Posted by: Stephanie Ngo at November 14, 2006 08:49 PM