November 14, 2006

Burner Concedes

It's official. Not the first news I wanted to hear when I got around to getting online today. Though as Goldy says:

… as personally disappointed as I am with the apparent outcome of this race, I fully understand on an intellectual level that both Darcy’s and Peter Goldmark’s campaigns were an integral part of a HUGE victory for the Democratic Party… and particularly for us netroots activists who embraced the 50-state strategy first enunciated by DNC chair Howard Dean. Darcy and Peter threw themselves into races the political and media establishment considered GOP gimmes, forcing the Republicans to draw money and resources away from races elsewhere.

And by fielding hardworking candidates who ran tough campaigns in races everybody expected them to lose, the Democrats showed local voters the type of respect that is absolutely necessary for the party to build towards victory in the future. Whoever the Democratic nominees are in 2008, their races will be made incredibly easier by the hard work Darcy and Peter put into 2006. That’s why I come away from this election with absolute confidence that every last ounce of passion and effort the netroots put into these races, and every last dime we raised, was totally worth it. We helped the Democrats take back Congress, and that after all, was the ultimate prize. The GOP may have successfully defended these seats – this year – but at a great cost. ...

I don't have a lot to add to that. We ran great candidates, they worked their hearts out getting a Democratic message out to the public and we cheerfully worked for them in return. Peter Goldmark sounded like a good guy and I can say for sure that I'm proud to be on the same political side as someone as smart and accomplished as Darcy Burner. I hope we see more of both of them, we need their kind in government.

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