November 13, 2006

NW Political Blog Review

I haven't seriously updated the blogroll for like, I don't know, 2 years or something like that. Every once in a while, one of us tosses in a new link and that's that. And if you had our current blogroll, long, unwieldy and probably riddled with more dead links than is proper to allow, you might be similarly tempted to procrastinate. Every time I think about doing it, the hamster wheel comes to a grinding, skrinching halt.

The only thing I really regret about that (Do I seem like the type to get overly burdened by guilt to you? Yeah, not so much. Shame, now and again, when I really, really should have known better. But guilt, meh.) is not having set aside a section for all the good blogs that cover Northwest politics, or national politics from a perch out here on the upper left coast. But the blogs around here have been doing great work and I admire their fortitude tremendously. So here goes:

On The Road To 2008: We're all waiting semi-patiently for the WA-08 Congressional District results, which apparently we may not know until after Thanksgiving. Good gravy, but that's got to be nerve-wracking for the candidates. Kirkdorffer comments on the Dems' first 100 hours plan.

Horses' Ass: Goldy on the integrity of the WA-08 ballot counting and the chain of provenance for uncounted ballots. Also, he explains why Mike! McGavick sucked.

Blue Oregon: The name of this blog is more appropriate than ever since last Tuesday, when Oregon joined the 14 other states with one party Democratic state government. Gov. Kulongoski is already gearing up for educational funding and tax structure reform. And the dirty little secret of political campaigns has left a hardworking Dem staffer without a final paycheck, think about helping out if you can.

Hominid Views: The Democratic tidal wave hit Washington Republicans especially hard, but is that just an excuse for poor performance and dirty tricks that irritated voters?

Loaded Orygun: The Oregon GOP is similarly in sackcloth and ashes mode. And in honor of a more important reason to be somber, a tribute to Oregon's fallen veterans. After all the polling problems last Tuesday, Oregon's vote by mail system is gaining a lot of serious attention.

Blatherwatch: Michael Hood's election night commentary review could almost make you feel sorry that it's hard out here for a Republican.

Evergreen Politics: While Jeff believes that I-933, the eminent domain initiative, was a bad policy deservedly voted down, he thinks that Gov. Gregoire could build rural support by setting up channels for people to air the legitimate grievances that it started on. Whoever wins in the final WA-08 vote count, I think Lynn Allen speaks for many of us when she says, thank you, Darcy Burner. And, once again, Sen.-elect Webb really, really isn't a conservative.

Blog Reload: I'm not the only one who's already in 2008 mode, we're *all* hopeless. Also, TheHim posted the usual drug war roundup over at dKos.

Jesus' General: The week's Hannidate catches. The relentless march of the things we don't know we don't know.

Northwest Progressive Institute: The all winners are conservative tautology. Andrew points out that none of the WA-08 provisionals have been counted and that in a similar situation 6 years ago, King Co. provisionals wiped out Sen. Gorton's narrow lead to give challenger Maria Cantwell the seat in the Senate that she won back again this year. Some predictions for the lame duck Congress.

Preemptive Karma: Sen.-elect Jon Tester's Republican haircut has the punditry seized up in knots about his actual positions. A suggestion for where to go to hear the veteran's perspective. The second coming of Robert Gates. Meet The Press has driven Carla to drink, leaving the question, 'but only just now?' The easily confused Beltway establishment, always wondering why he did that.

WashBlog: Meet the new Republican mascot, to which we can all give a hearty, bwahahahahah! Jim Dean at the Democracy For America reception in Seattle. A request to send $20.06 to the DNC on 11/17, which will be DNC Chair Gov. Howard Dean's birthday.

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Wish is was a longer wait until we knew who won WA-08. Sad day.

Posted by: Daniel K at November 13, 2006 11:43 PM

thanks for the hat tips, Natasha! We all have a lot to be proud of...and that back-slapping accomplished, let's move on and continue the work!

TJ, Loaded Orygun

Posted by: torridjoe at November 14, 2006 03:30 PM