November 12, 2006

Natasha in the NY Times

Our Natasha is front and center in Nicholas Confessore's Week in Review piece about Bloggers today.


Natasha blogging at Yearly Kos

Confessore's writes that the Democrats couldn't have won without the netroots and the netroots did not do it on their own and so we need each other.

All told, the Democratic netroots and the party’s traditional establishment managed to form an uneasy — and in many cases unintended — collaboration. What happens next is less clear, especially as the Democratic leadership moves from campaigning to governing.

“It’s in part the job of the netroots to challenge the establishment,” said Simon Rosenberg, the president of New Democrat Network, who has served as a bridge between party officials and leading netroots organizers. “It’s their job to not be satisfied. That’s why this is a complicated relationship. But through this healthy tension — this dialogue and debate — I think we’ll end up with a stronger party.”

Update by natasha: Atrios compares the DCCC's win record against the netroots' record, indicating that if bloggers don't always pick winners, neither do the pros. And as he said, that isn't the point. You run your race, you make your case. Your opponents had to spend money defeating you that they could have used someplace else. Whether you win or lose, the voter heard your party's message, they know your candidates asked for their vote. These are the things that matter.

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Good to see a little recognition flowing your way.

Posted by: Jared Scarborough at November 12, 2006 11:49 AM

Erm, ahem and thanks. But, um, I'm not actually mentioned in the article itself and the attribution they give in the caption misrepresents me as blogging for Daily Kos. Google is your friend, you know? I wrote them about it, but there's no telling if they'll care enough to fix it.

Though hey, my picture's in the NY Times, which is in fact pretty cool.

Posted by: natasha at November 12, 2006 02:45 PM

You really need to tone down the Blue Alien Glow makeup though! It's just not your color!


Good seeing you the other night at our BIG VICTORY PARTY!!


Posted by: Ben in Redmond at November 12, 2006 10:40 PM

It was good to see you too! It's been a while. You should come to the Montlake Drinking Liberally this week, Bill Scher from Liberal Oasis is going to be there.

And I don't think it's just the blue glow. That angle lends way too much proportional similarity to the classic Gray alien, esp. when they've trimmed the body. And bloody heck, I think I may just switch that for the other version.

Posted by: natasha at November 12, 2006 11:20 PM