November 04, 2006

American Blackout

Courtesy of Ironweed Films, I watched American Blackout tonight.

The war in Iraq. Alito and Roberts on the Supreme Court. Ignoring the warnings about Hurricane Katrina and abandoning New Orleans after. Five years of incompetence and misery.

There were 57,000 voters removed from Florida's voter rolls five months before the 2000 election, 97% were innocent. Officials only asked for an 80% match on the last names of people to add to the purge list. The company, Choicepoint, told the State of Florida that it would add a lot of false positives. Choicepoint was not paid to verify the list they submitted, they were told to provide the "comprehensive" list. The voters' races were listed in the purge files next to their names, the majority of them were black and latino. Bush won the certified count by 573 votes.

The State of Florida tried this again in 2004, before all the people who'd been wrongfully purged in 2000 were reinstated on the voter rolls.

African Americans had to fight like hell for the right to vote. Too many people were silent when tens of thousands of them were purged from Florida's voter rolls, many others were turned back from the polls at roadblocks. This 'small' injustice was ignored, everyone has suffered for it.

If you're still not sure this is a big issue, or maybe that it stopped being an issue in Florida after 2000, watch this documentary.

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the democratic candidate in min-05 is muslim

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