November 03, 2006

Who Are We Pitying Today?

The Rev. Ted Haggard and his wife, Gayle, drive away from their Colorado Springs, Colo., home Friday. Haggard admitted that he bought drugs and recieved a massage from a gay prostitute. - Credit: CantonRep.comToday, I feel sorry for Ted Haggard's wife. Not only did she just find out that her husband is a druggie who sleeps with prostitutes, but that he was never really into her. And that's a pretty harsh triple blow. I had a coworker some years ago that this happened to; got divorced after nearly two decades of marriage because her husband finally came out of the closet, though without the meth and the rent boys. Bad scene, very crushing for her. So, like I say, I have a lot of sympathy for Mrs. Haggard.

Which is why, ladies, it's better to date liberal guys. Whether they're secular humanists or go to a church that really believes in divine love for us all, if they were into other men, they'd have felt free to say so already. It's free will in action, leads to fewer unpleasant surprises all around. If they're still seeing women, as most of them are, that's a choice you can pretty much bank on their being happy with.

But people who are advocates of tolerance, religious freedom and peer-reviewed science should really be dancing in the aisles, because Ted Haggard was truly an enemy of all three, and one who got to talk to the president once a week.

Update: Apparently, one of Pastor Haggard's colleagues is actually blaming Mrs. Haggard for her husband's behavior, and pastor's wives in general for letting themselves go and not being as available as the mythical woman in the Song of Songs. That's some Christian mercy and charity, tell you what.

And hey, if Gayle Haggard is the kind of fat, lazy woman who can't keep a guy, the rest of us are in trouble. She's still gorgeous after having five kids. I guess a pastor is entitled to a 19 year old supermodel before he can stay away from desperate parishioners and male prostitutes.

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My thoughts have been with his wife, as well. What a nasty, ugly, wrenching surprise to find that the rules have a heartbeat. On the other hand...maybe there's more to come. Maybe the Mrs. knew the score all along....not ours to judge. Hypocrisy is the issue

Posted by: tigi at November 3, 2006 08:18 PM