November 02, 2006

News & Commentariat

So, Syria is denying U.S. claims that it's involved in a plot with Iran and Hezbollah to bring down the Lebanese government. While it's hard to trust anything that comes from the Administration That Cried Wolf, that's not really the question that nags at me. What I really want to know is, since when did the Bush administration care about what happens to Lebanon?

Total Information Awareness never really went away.

The U.S. media, always with an eye towards the nation's most pressing affairs, have paid more attention to a muffed joke than to the fact that Iraq is progressing towards chaos. Oh yeah, and Bush left this soldier abandoned behind enemy lines on the say-so of Iraq's Prime Minister. Vote Vets also has a new ad on Iraq and it was just recently discovered that a military interpreter killed herself rather than torture prisoners.

Joe Lieberman won't disclose his petty cash expenditures. And for love of god, who else but Lieberman would describe a slush fund of excess of $387,000 as 'petty cash'?

Pandagon: As it happens, a Maryland court has claimed that it isn't rape if you say no in the middle. And according to Liddy Dole, it isn't assault if it's done to a Democrat. Dennis Miller has finally noticed that, jumping Jehosaphat, Nancy Pelosi is a woman. Erm, yeah. And apparently we should all watch HBO's 'Hacking Democracy', which is sure to leave many of us with nightmares all the way through election day.

Eschaton: Rush Limbaugh retrospective, celebrating the filibuster of the civil rights act and anti-gay bigotry. The Republicans are now blaming the generals who followed Bush's orders for the complete mess in Iraq. So maybe it would be a good idea to help elect a Democrat today.

Suburban Guerrilla: Keith Olbermann, bravest news anchor in America, it's Bush who owes the troops, and the country, an apology. Why, oh why, has opinion turned against the war? California's voting machines have a button at the back that allows multiple votes to be cast.

MyDD: Campaign for Democrats from home through MoveOn's Call For Change effort. The banking industry intends to bolster predatory lending to military personnel during the next two years and India will be lobbying the lame duck session for approval of a nuclear technology deal. The broken campaign finance system probably should be moved to public financing, though I bet the media would lose it over the probable reduction in ad revenue that they milk out every election season.

Orcinus: Let the eliminationism watch begin ... Oh yeah, this isn't a death threat. Radio host Hal Turner calls for the assassination of Democratic officeholders and liberal Supreme Court Justices. It isn't a new thing, oh no, Republicans have a pattern of physically attacking protestors whom their leaders have already badmouthed, tried to intimidate or made threatening remarks about. The blurring of the line between fascism and acceptable 'conservatism.' Not even decorated veterans are spared public attack and ridicule by people whose only view of bloody confrontation is what they incite in their listening audience.

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