November 01, 2006

Happy New Year

For some of us, it's the first day of the new year, Samhain, and the beginning of the cycle of seasons.

From sundown yesterday to sundown today, a time to think about the shape of things to come. A time to think about what it means to follow a spiritual path and how that might shape a life, inform one's intent. Because I'm sure that this year, as every year previous, I'll fall short of my best intentions, hopefully I'll be well served by at least keeping them more in mind. The following is adapted from a letter I wrote this fall in response to a request for a statement of purpose during a meditation retreat and it seems like a good way to greet the season and remind me of what's important in life.

There's no bargaining with the Gods.

They have no need of costly gifts. All the things of the material world are in their keeping and they value them not as we do.

They will not be swayed by our promises of good behavior. They know us well and our intent.

This is their request: Love what I love.

It's ours to follow this request, or not. To love the earth and all that nurtures life upon it. To love each other. To refuse to participate in evil deeds. To grow in compassion and the realization of our humanity. To wake up enough to see what needs to be done in the service of life. To suffer our flaws and learn from them yet greater compassion, greater understanding. To ask for what is right, that they may be invited into the world and be manifest.

If we do this, we'll be forced to act as they would wish. What then can we offer?

If I will serve what they love, no matter what is taken from me, I have agreed to give them everything they could want. So I come to them with nothing but my humility and need. What they will say, I can't know. Yet because they are good, because I have asked from them nothing that will harm what they love, they may grant what I ask. Because they are good, I will trust them.

It is enough.

Go in peace, be always merry and bright.

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