October 27, 2006

The GOP is losing another part of its base.

Which part? Rural voters.

According to a new poll by the nonpartisan Center for Rural Strategies, rural voters in the US have shifted dramatically toward the Democrats over the past month.

The poll of rural voters in 41 contested congressional districts found that likely voters preferred Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives by a margin of 13 points, 52 percent to 39 percent. In mid-September, the same population of voters was evenly split between the two parties at 45 percent each.

In contested Senate races in states with significant rural populations, rural voters preferred Democrats by 4 points, 47 to 43 percent, reversing the 4-point lead Republican Senate candidates held among rural voters in mid-September. But those results fall within the poll's margin of error.

"We're seeing a real erosion in Republican support among rural voters, and that could determine who controls Congress," said Democrat Anna Greenberg, one of the poll's analysts. "There has been a perfect storm of issues that have led rural voters toward Democratic candidates -- the war in Iraq, economic struggle in rural communities and a muddling of 'moral values' because of the Mark Foley scandal."

"The numbers in this poll have to be disturbing to any Republican involved in the upcoming election," said Bill Greener, a Republican strategist and consultant on the poll. "Republican success has relied on strong support from rural voters, and this survey indicates we don't have that support today. We have to do better if we are going to reach our objectives on Election Day."

This magpie is trying really hard not to get too optimistic about how the November election will turn out, but the news continues to be so bad for the GOP that it's hard to see any way for the Democrats to lose other than due to massive election fraud. And given the GOP's track record, fraud on that level is certainly a possibility.

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Rather than forbidding them, exit polls should be required, and anyplace with a difference between the polls and the count should be required to recount.

I'm pretty sure that the 10 optical scan counties in FL where the polls and the counts didn't match were hacked in 2004.

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Feb 30th

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feb 30th

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