October 26, 2006

Reichert vs. Burner Roundup

Darcy Burner responds to the AARP candidate questionnaire, but so far, Dave Reichert (R WA-08) has blown them off.

Dave Reichert skipped out on the League of Women Voters candidate forum on Mercer Island, but apparently, everybody managed to have a good time without him. Darcy Burner and the candidates for the two 41st Legislative District races were there to talk about their positions and answer questions.

Al Gore responds to Reichert's denial of global warming, or as Darcy Burner might call it, catastrophic climate disruption. You can read more about Burner's thoughts on global warming here. And, as we've noted before, Reichert is one of the bright lights that the GOP has decided to put on the House Science Committee. That just makes me want to ... canvass. That's right. Canvass.

This Seattle P-I article notes that dissatisfaction with the national GOP is hurting Reichert. However, it also describes Reichert as having "bucked the Bush administration on key issues ... without losing favor." Apparently they missed the speech where Reichert says he mostly votes against the majority when he's told to, in order to keep the seat Republican.

The Drum Major Institute gives Reichert an 'F' on the middle class issues legislative scorecard.

Darcy Burner talks taxes.

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Apparently the Seattle PI also hasn't looked at how little Reichert has bucked Bush on the key issues, as compared to how often he hasn't.

Since they won't do it, I have.

Posted by: Daniel K at October 26, 2006 12:55 PM