October 26, 2006

Northwest Politburrow

A desperate GOP is harassing voters with automated calls at odd hours to try to swing the McMorris-Goldmark race in the WA-05 District, where the polling is unexpectedly tight.

A Seattle Times Q&A with Darcy Burner, congressional candidate for the WA-08 District.

Tune in for the blogging of the rally with Burner, Sen. Cantwell, Reps. Inslee and McDermott, Gov. Gregoire and the 48th District's State House candidates.

Far right Washington State Supreme Court candidate Stephen Johnson told a 5th grade class that he wants to "get rid of all the Democrats." An impressing $700,000 has poured into this race as the Republican State Senator tries to unseat incumbent Justice Susan Owens.

Sen. Maria Cantwell, statistically proven to support the troops, is opening up a healthy lead in the polls against Mike! McGavick, the lying, drunk driving, corrupt bastard befriending, blackout drunk.

Washington will regret I-933, that is, if voters here are anything like voters in Oregon, most of whom now regret passing the very similar Measure 37. As the attached polling data at the link shows, the more voters know about it, the less likely they are to think it was a good idea. Hopefully, we won't have to end up with strip mining in the Mt. Rainier National Park for I-933 to sound like a bad idea, we still have a chance to learn from the mistakes of our neighbors.

Oregon's Democratic governor, Ted Kulongoski, is up 11 points and gaining among independents.

Becky at Preemptive Karma reviews Oregon's ballot intiatives.

And it isn't exactly the Northwest, but Montana Democratic Senate candidate Jon Tester needs to make his final ad buy tomorrow, so if you can, a little help.

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