October 24, 2006

'41' Worried about '43' if Democrats Win

George W. Bush has never had to be accountable for his actions. Throughout his life he has been rescued from the failures he has created because Bush Sr., the infamous '41', has been able to find the right connections to help '43' whenever he got in deep doodoo. Understanding that things are looking dicey for Bush Jr as voters get a chance to tell him what they think of his decisions, papa Bush has expressed his fears for his son to friends.

Earlier this month, the elder Bush was reported to have told a Republican fund-raiser in a Philadelphia suburb that "if we have some of these wild Democrats in charge of these (congressional) committees, it will be a ghastly thing for our country."

He was also quoted as saying, "I would hate to think ... what my son's life would be like" if their Republican Party lost its majorities.

Bush Sr has shown his paternal and his patriotic colors in this exchange. Never mind that his son is responsible for the worse foreign policy debacle in the history of the United States. Never mind that he has within six years undone a century of treaties and made the US the most hated country in the world. Never mind that he shat upon the constitution, the economy and the country. Obviously, the patriotic Bush Sr believes everything else is unimportant as long as junior gets his way. It must have been a hell of a childhood as dad did everything he could to help junior, except help him become a responsible adult. And then in his hubris, he foisted his screwed up son on the unsuspecting world. This will certainly be part of '41's legacy.

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JAIL & IMPEACH BUSH SR, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush too for their conspiracies, aiding and abetting criminals(Saudis and Enyron execs, etc), premediated malfeasances, etc. The bush family are ALL criminals in the same way as bin Laden, Al Capone, Adolf Hitler, the ancient Romans, et al. NO different

Posted by: patriot2006 at October 24, 2006 10:59 AM

bush/cheney/republicans ARE bigger TERRORISTS than bin Laden or Al Qaida and must be brought on war crimes charges immediately and the death penality.

Posted by: REALpatriot2006 at October 24, 2006 11:01 AM