October 20, 2006

Insomniac Blog Review

This Modern World: The BBC has released a survey of attitudes about torture in several countries, though I agree with Bob Harris in wondering why it isn't harder to get past the whole 'it's immoral and doesn't work' thing. Bill 'Falafel' O'Reilly would like to take the blogosphere out, his words, "with a hand grenade". I suppose we should alert the registration desk crew at the next Yearly Kos not to issue the man a press pass for the event under any circumstances whatsoever.

World O' Crap: Bush and Cheney needed to speak to the people this past week, a little more personally, so they picked Limbaugh and O'Reilly to talk to, and that should definitely be prohibited under the Geneva Conventions as inhumane treatment of a captive, civilian population. I stopped perusing World Net Daily ages ago because I just couldn't stand it for a while and then didn't miss it when it was gone, but they're still just as crazy as ever, insisting that women should forget their grievances in marriage because you shouldn't question your god-given boss.

Media Matters: Fox airs Republican attack ads frequently, often completey skipping the fair and balanced step of airing an opposition ad. Though they may laugh at far right religious figures, Armaggedon speculations are popular in Bush administration circles. Reid vs. Hastert in the land deal coverage sweepstakes, who, oh who, will the media talk about more?

And speaking of land deals, isn't it just the creepiest damn thing that Bush just bought 98,000 acres of real estate in Paraguay, a country without extradition treaties and where daughter Jenna Bush recently took a 10-day trip?

Orcinus: How fundamentalism turns adults into frightened children. The story about the guy who got fired from the State Department on Ken Mehlman and Jack Abramoff's say-so occasioned this flashback on real Republican sweatshop values. We did have another terrorist attack this past 9/11, but because it was a white man carbombing a women's clinic, eh.

Bottle of Blog: After years of strenuously denying that the Iraq war was anything like Vietnam, the Bush administration is now comparing Iraq to Vietnam.

Huffington Post: Alan Rusbridger, the current editor of Britain's Guardian newspaper, explains how to carry on the ethic, accountability and traditions of progressive reporting "as heretofore." Arianna Huffington responds to Bush's claims that the Iraqis are trying to influence the U.S. midterm elections:

... Can't you just picture a gathering of Sunni leaders, huddled over their computers, checking out the latest poll numbers from Virginia and thinking, "George Allen is still hanging in there against Webb in Virginia, we've got to have a suicide bomber drive his car into a market crowded with Shiites"? ...

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Prospective graduate students everywhere should prepare to be depressed about dissertations. However, people overly concerned about the sunny disposition of Bush and Rove as the midterms approach in a sea of bad poll numbers should be cheered by this thought:

... Speaking of ineptitude, someone mentioned last night at Drinking Liberally that the fact that the administration hasn't apparently begun to plan for a post-11/7 reality in which the Dems control one or both houses of Congress should be cause for concern. Then we all had a big laugh at the notion of the administration preparing for the aftermath of anything...

Bitch PhD: A promising new organization that advocates for pregnant women is coming together and they'll be having a conference in January, if Atlanta, GA isn't too far out of your way. Coming Out Day advice for the GLBT folks is great and all, but what if you want to know how to come out as polyamorous? Very interesting discussion in the comments of that last topic.

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They are amart. (------?????????----------///////////) The enemy.

Rumsfeld about why its anyway superflous to change the US tactic because the enemy is so adaptive that the risk changing it would mean automatic overkill of US forces.

At least he says so.

Posted by: ccoaler at October 20, 2006 10:27 PM

The one that realy got to me was Cheney being interviewed by Olliver North. That was just wrong on so many levels. He needs to be asked about that on national TV.

Posted by: Paul at October 22, 2006 01:41 PM