October 17, 2006

Public Service Announcement, Re: Pedophilia & Other Idiocies

Just caught up with reading The Editors, who explain selflessly why Mark Foley's pedophilia should be described as such, instead of with some nicer, less offensive terminology:

... The second objection is that lusting after 16-year-olds canít be pedophilia, because pedophilia is gross, and some 16-year-olds are teh hott. Now, it is entirely true that some 16-year-olds are hot, and this truth - like so many things in this world - is both completely true and completely gross. Whatever 16-year-olds look like on the outside, they are children, and they donít need your gross old man hands rubbing up all over them. While itís probably inevitable that at some point in your life you are going to find someone under the legal age attractive, itís not really the sort of interest you should cultivate. I donít have time to really walk you through the many reasons why that is - nor do I have time to explain why you shouldnít go down on your grandmother - but just take my word that these are both sound pieces of advice offered with your best interest at heart. ...

Most people figure this out during their 20s, right about whatever time they realize that, yep, they really aren't teenagers anymore (and thank the Good Lords for that.) But that's exactly the sort of very special ignorance that one might expect from grown people who support wars in the Middle East being run by powerful stupid politicians who don't know that there are different kinds of Muslims.

If things were a little different, typing a sentence like that without being in any way satirical would be a powerful temptation to drink heavily in the afternoon. Ms. n, your 15 year old Laphroaig, neat. But the election is a mere three weeks away, so consider it a call to action to throw the bastards out, instead.

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