October 14, 2006

What Does A Feminist Look Like?

Vanessa thinks that maybe instead of arguing about whether or not feminism should have a uniform, we might be better served organizing concrete efforts to support reproductive healthcare.

I'd hope that no one would assume that wearing either high heels or hijab mean that a woman isn't interested in fighting for social equity. It would be good if arguments against the treatment of women in other countries would never implicitly absolve western society of sexism. And when we talk about real women, we should always include those women whose appearance is being objectified in popular culture.

Because to me, the important thing is arguing for greater freedom and increased autonomy, through whatever means seem best, and you can look all kind of ways when you're standing up for it. All the better, I think; it confuses the hell out of the opposition.

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via buzzflash:AP story

I must admit I´m pretty disappointed by the Bush propganda once more. Bush´s latest phrase is that he is fighting in the struggle between good and evil. I think that is a pretty wide statement and its pretty detached. Furthermore the timing is lousy: Bush presented this statement while the Zogby poll announced 650000 dead Iraqis.
The Nazis were criminals but they didnt lie necessarily. They were so close to zero they couldnt drop any lower with their "wisdom." Now what Bush does in philosophical terms is that he permanently opens some higher ground without any fuses not to fall down some hundred meters.

His reasoning always has some dead points and I think theyre pretty "bombable" especially for terrorists.

Bushs timing is each time absolutely lousy and Bush never tries to couple his statements with actions in reality, like "we´re building five hospitals in Iraq, thus were fighting evil or whatsoever.

As said before Bush´s statements are detachable and thus Bush´s behaviour is more than lousy.

I mean I dont wanna say Bushs statement is complicated. Everybody knows somehow how to seperate good from evil. Though most people arent so arrogant to play this card cause they dont think of themselves as absolute. Now if u come out with such a perspective u godda make sure it doesnt coincide with 650000 corpses.

Posted by: ccoaler at October 14, 2006 11:56 PM

Hey, thanks for linking. I've been kind of impressed with how it turned out.

Posted by: plucky punk at October 15, 2006 12:23 AM

Well, thanks for getting the ball rolling. This seems like a much more constructive direction for our collective conversation.

Posted by: natasha at October 15, 2006 11:54 AM

Hi Natasha, thanks for linking to me. Your post made the point I wanted to make much more succintly. :) Thanks again!

Posted by: Amber at October 21, 2006 08:14 PM