October 14, 2006


As easily as I get colds, I think I'd never make any kind of field biologist. Oh well. In addition to comfort tea, decided to dig up some comfort reading. This poem has been a favorite since high school, thought I'd share ...

i dreamed
   it appeared to me that you thought to
   escape me and became a great
   lily atilt on
   waters   but i was aware of
   fragrance and i came riding upon
   a horse of porphyry   into the
   waters i rode down the red
   horse shrieking   from splintering
   foam caught you clutched you upon my
   i dreamed   in my dream you had
   desire to thwart me and became
   a little bird and hid
   in a tree of tall marble
   from a great way i distinguished
   singing and i came
   riding upon a scarlet sunset
   trampling the night   easily
   from the shocked impossible
   tower i caught
   you strained you
   broke you upon my blood
   beloved i dreamed
   i thought you would have deceived
   me and became a star in the kingdom
   of heaven
   through day and space i saw you close
   your eyes   and i came riding
   upon a thousand crimson years arched with agony
   i reined them in tottering before
   the throne and as
   they shied away at the automaton moon from
   the transplendent hand of sombre god
   i picked you
as an apple is picked by the little peasants for their girls

listen - e.e. cummings

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