October 13, 2006

Farm Reports

President Bush is worried about low oil prices, saying that they might make the U.S. too complacent about alternative energy. (And isn't that just the very definition of a sentence I never thought I'd type.) The involvement of the Dept. of Agriculture in the event has given rise to more discussion on the merits of ethanol fuels, which have their problems.

In fact, in spite of record soy and near-record corn harvests predicted for this year, increases in demand for biofuels is keeping prices up.

U.S. efforts to increase the acceptance of biotech foods, including the adoption of "science-based regulations," are meeting with some successes.

In spite of a bumper crop in Louisiana, overall U.S. cotton production is down by 3 million bales since last year, bringing production more in line with demand.

Hurricanes and a cold snap are bringing the Florida orange harvest towards its lowest in 16 years and juice prices will be headed up.

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