October 13, 2006

Yer News And Argument, Right Here

Pandagon: So, what kind of feminist would I be if I wore a pink, flowery skirt with a pink tank top and at the same time wore no makeup and a pair of knee-high combat boots? Read the comments, quite a discussion going on over there.

Juan Cole: Some context for the study indicating 655,000 Iraqis died in the war. In another roundup of Iraq news, he discusses the study further and also the significance of the British Chief of Staff calling publicly for withdrawal.

Sideshow: Avedon discovers that libertarians believe their ideal society would require ideal people. Pssst, guys, over here. You have to form a society with the people you have, not the people you wish you had.

TalkLeft: Google as threat to privacy. Bob Ney of Ohio will have the honor of the first politician to plead guilty in the Abramoff affair.

JoeTrippi.com: Republicans vote against veterans. The irrepressible GrannyD hits YouTube for campaign finance reform. There's going to be a freakin' WalMart Bank!!!. WTF!?

TruthOut: The U.S. government has released 17 falsely accused Gitmo detainees. A new U.N. report declares that violence against women is "severe and pervasive." Media companies are suing over exit poll restrictions in NV and FL, saying that the laws restrict the freedom of the press. Even E.J. Dionne of the establishment Washington Post is worried about the integrity of the voting system and the push for a mandatory paper trail is gaining some bipartisan traction in Congress. A citizen mobilization leader for Greenpeace talks about Al Gore's sustainability message.

Hullaballoo: Oh, fer crying out loud. Chris Matthews with his bare face hanging out says that only Republicans can criticize the war.

Orcinus: Speaking in his capacity as a Seattle area resident, Dave thanks Bush for making us more likely targets of N. Korea's new nukes here in the NW. Also, a well-deserved savaging of the latest printed incarnation of the treasonous liberals meme, wherein some moron named Dinesh D'Souza argues that the west should purge liberalism and popular culture because, wait for it ... the Taliban and the jihadis don't like it. It's enough to make me wonder if I was imagining all those times when conservatives waved the specter of dhimmitude at me like it was 1) ever going to happen and 2) also an undesirable outcome.

MyDD: Verizon says screw democracy, we've got lobbyists. Some Republicans think that Muslims are a 'race,' gods help us. There's an enormous telecom merger in the pipeline. Mike Stark figured out how to make a difference in politics.

Wampum: In the Abramoff scandal, follow the extortion, and the redacted billing records, to get to the faultlines in the Republican civil war.

Republic of T: Coming out is more of a process than an event, terrance talks about what it might mean for closeted gays in the Republican party in the wake of Foleygate. The ex-gay fallacy.

I Blame The Patriarchy: Surely women everywhere can come together and agree to despise the irritating drug company scientist bastich who claims that foreplay is unnecessary. Dude, you're putting yourself perilous high on my list of 'people I'd send to Gitmo if I had more power and fewer scruples.'

dKos: Lieberman the Republican. A good roundup of additional commentary on the Iraqi death toll study. The Bush administration stopped the investigation that might have stopped the sale of nuclear weapons technology to North Korea from Pakistan. Max Cleland is right, and he isn't afraid to say so. Muhammad Yunus, the super-cool, Bangladeshi economist and founder of both the Grameen Bank and the world microcredit movement, has just won the Nobel Peace Prize. You haven't heard about it, but there's a huge corporate scandal over backdating stock options, which turns out to be a fancy kind of tax evasion.

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Wouldn't pretty much any model of society work, populated with all ideal people?

Posted by: Jonathan Versen at October 13, 2006 04:15 PM