October 11, 2006

We Read

Crooks & Liars: It's been estimated that over 650,000 Iraqis have died in the war, while President Bush has the spleen to suggest that they're tolerating the violence out of a powerful desire for freedom. The military cuts short the career of the Navy lawyer who represented the detainees in the Hamdan case, losing the country an honorable public servant in the process. Neil Bush is making bank from his brother's policies.

Steve Gilliard: All bigots are alike. None of the pussyfooting, let's start a real civil war in Iraq by splitting it in three, a proposition so caught in the middle of a pragmatism vs. fairness debate that it could make someone's head explode, and it probably will. Let's fix America's deeply broken healthcare system by sending people to doctors in Thailand and India.

Today is National Coming Out Day, because "those with an out gay or lesbian family member raises the typical Americanís support for full marriage equality by 17 percentage points."

Even the Foley scandal can be (lamely) spun as good news for Republicans.

BBC: More on Iraqi federalism. Human beings continue to push ecological debt day, the day of the year when we start burning the future, a little bit earlier in the year. Technology for controlling the brain is on the upswing. As if it wasn't bad enough, rape is now more common in Darfur. The nation of Ghana had $4.2 billion of its debt wiped out, but they are stillunder the thumb of international economic mandates in a deal described by one Ghanaian as "the leaders of G8 help[ing] out their friends in the international banks." Eleven million Congolese children are either in armed groups or missing.

Asia Times: How Hezbollah's intelligence network and strategic planning helped them best Israel on the battlefield. Neocons, by now completely insane, insist that the situation with North Korea calls for a vast expansion of pre-emptive war. The Taliban fires a warning shot towards Pakistan. The bitter side of China's rising ties with Latin America turns out to be that the new boss is the same as the old boss. China's expansion also includes warmer ties with Iran and plenty of business in Africa. Though speaking of Iran, the heat is off for the moment, because of North Korea's badly timed nuclear test.

Information Clearinghouse: There are well over a million displaced Iraqis who've fled either to other parts of Iraq or neighboring countries. A quarter of War on Terror veterans have filed for disability. The Italian investigative reporting team that exposed U.S. use of phosphorus weapons in Iraq is now reporting that Israel has used an experimental micro-shrapnel weapon in Gaza. Mountaineers in the Himalayas witness Chinese soldiers shooting Tibetan refugees.

Feministe: Feminism vs. feminity. On emergency conception, Battlestar Galactica and passing the buck. Some misogynist jerk says feminism causes violence against women because men can't act like civilized human beings if they have to treat women like equals, though I personally haven't found that to be the case among the men I know. Ampersand of Alas, A Blog has sold his domain name to a pornographer. Discuss.

Alas, A Blog: The NY Times coverage of the Lancet study on the number of deaths in Iraq abuses statistics to discredit the findings, but "[w]e can be reasonably certain there have been between 426,369 and 793,663 excess Iraqi deaths since our invasion." Also, a good link farm post on race, gender and weight issues and a pointer to a Barbara Ehrenreich column that asks, could you afford to be poor?

Culture Kitchen: A portrait of Democratic myopia ... "The DailyKos crowd looks on feminists, gay and minority bloggers not as the values voters who articulate the vision of a progressive America. They look on us as useless "issues" voters who need to be stamped out of any political discourse." You dare not call it genocide in Turkey, or, a portrait of the modern-day political fallout of the WWI era murder by the Turkish government of over a million Armenians.

Needlenose: Bob Woodward's book on the Bush administration's incompetence and disconnection from reality has spawned a 'finish this haiku' contest. The Axis of Evil thought process, now with handy reference graphics. Towards a Democratic realignment - reality is the new morality.

War and Piece: Establishment reporters didn't just help sell the war on Iraq in line with White House propaganda, they helped shape the plans. Did Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) engage in Foleyesque behavior with pages?

Wampum: Was there something we forgot about October 10th? Oh right, the 'discovery' of the New World.

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