October 09, 2006

Don't Make Me Look

It was a weekend full of good political discussions, getting to see The Knitters at the Showbox (sometimes shrill lyrics and musicians with wicked game), dancing and Thai food. And thank goodness, because the news this week is already escalating the gruesome.

The Bush administration is condemning North Korea's nuclear weapons test today because they didn't act to prevent it through diplomacy years ago.

In Vladimir Putin's Russia, a political reporter was assassinated, the 13th dissident killed like this since Putin came to power. We remember our buddy Vlad, you know, the guy whose soul Bush saw when looking into his eyes. I guess it's clear now why Bush liked the view, bet he's just jealous that he can't get away with as much here. Yet.

... Politkovskaya was 48, the mother of two grown children. She lived alone, in part because of the danger to which her journalism exposed her. She was about to deliver a major report to her newspaper about torture in Chechnya when the killer ambushed her in the entryway to her apartment building, fired four shots from a silenced Makarov pistol, one to her heart and three to her head, and fled.

The article was to be the latest of many unflinching reports over the years in which Politkovskaya exposed the brutality and corruption of the Russian Army and its allies in Chechnya. There was no comment from Putin for two days after her death, and then only a brief announcement from his office that the murder would be investigated. Police investigators seized all her research materials from her home and from her office at Novaya Gazeta, one of the few independent newspapers still functioning in Moscow. ...

And how are things going in the kickoff country for our War on Terra? Oh right, a roadside bomb just wiped out the three leaders of the Nangarhar district in eastern Afghanistan along with two other men as they headed to an investigation of the burning of a school.

In our war of aggression/choice/illegal occupation in Iraq, the Iraqi Vice President has had a third sibling assassinated this year. The VP is a Sunni and Sunnis are calling for the government to disarm the militias. The militias that, as the article notes, are kidnapping Iraqi soldiers and proving to be persistent enemies of US forces. That's some top notch civil liberty we're providing.

So, more about all that later. For our musical interlude today ...

1. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush
2. La Tortura - Shakira
3. We Both Go Down Together - The Decembrists
4. Fields Of Gold - Sting
5. Dimming Of The Day - The Corrs
6. Think Of Me - Andrew Lloyd Webber
7. Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
8. She Bop - Cyndi Lauper
9. America - Simon & Garfunkel
10. Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Julia Ward Howe

"Let us live to make men free." - The Battle Hymn Of The Republic by Julia Ward Howe

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Posted by: ccoaler at October 9, 2006 03:21 PM

Thought of you at Playa del Fuego this weekend as I danced until dawn. Your post reminds me that the US doesn't seem so bad when you hold it to the standard of repressive dictatorships...

Posted by: The Cunctator at October 9, 2006 04:04 PM

TC - Indeed. Because the end standard of every civilized country should be the ability to look at ourselves squarely in the mirror and say with pride, 'our government is better than the one run by the scary KGB guy and way, way better than one run by the poisoned-from-the-crib, shut-in megalomaniac.'

Posted by: natasha at October 9, 2006 05:35 PM