October 06, 2006

Wait! Don't Move To Canada!

I've been reading Bill Scher's new book, Wait! Don't Move to Canada! and wow, what a great book. Bill is the proprietor of Liberal Oasis and is considered one of the best political bloggers around. I've always liked Bill's insightful and sensible approach to politics and this book packages up some of the best advice for Democrats and Liberals that I have found. I really love the way he clarifies how to discuss what Democrats really stand for - our basic principles. For too long the conventional wisdom has been people know what the Republicans stand for: small government, low taxes and strong national defense, but they have a hard time coming up with what Democrats stand for. Yet, as Bill says, we can counter this perception and the Republican "brand" by articulating a better set of principles that doesn't buy into the Republican playbook. Because we Democrats don't want "big government", we really want effective government that works for people. And that is different than the Republican idea of small government where people are left to fend for themselves.

The goal of Democrats should be to reframe the debate so it is centered not on the size of our government but around the quality of our government. We should say that we want representative government that serves the public and brings people together, while Republicans want an elitist government that divides the nation and caters only to corporate donors and fringe fundamentalist religious leaders. We should say that Democrats want responsive government that does what the people ask of it, while Republicans want callous government that ignores people's concerns. We should say that Democrats want responsible government that wisely manages resources and forthrightly deals with problems, while Republicans have shown their belief in reckless government by running up massive debt and allowing social and environmental problems to worsen.

Representative, responsive, responsible -- that should be our mantra. That is how Democrats will deliver the effective government that people desire.

For page after page, and chapter after chapter, Bill sets out a roadmap in a highly readable style that shows how Democrats can talk to the American public in an honest and straightforward manner that truly does reconnect our country to its democratic ideals. Read it and see how you incorporate his advice to help us rescue our country from the clutches of the brain-dead and ineffective Republican governance.

You can order the book online at Amazon, Powells, Barnes & Noble, Books We Like or thru your local independent bookstore at Booksense. Perhaps you can catch him on his book tour (schedule here) and have him to sign your copy. Or even better, catch up with him if he drops by your local Drinking Liberally.

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