October 04, 2006

Moyers On America

This Wednesday on PBS begins a three part expose called Moyers on America. The first segment, Capital Crimes, is about Jack Abramoff and the culture of corruption that infests the Republican Party these days. Bill Moyers describes the decades long scam that Abramoff and his partners in crime, Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, and Ralph Reed hatched up to promote conservative causes while enriching themselves beyond all reason. On Monday, Bill Moyers was on Democracy Now talking about his new investigative documentary. And I can tell from the interview that I will be learning a lot of new information about the Abramoff scandal - and this is a scandal that I'd thought I'd followed pretty well.

During the interview Amy plays several segments from the show that can whet your appetite. One thing I learned was how the good friends treated each other. It seems like while Abramoff and Reed conspired to rip off the Indian tribes, Reed was scamming Abramoff as well.

BILL MOYERS: Marvin Olasky is editor-in-chief of World, the leading national journal of the evangelical right. The magazine spent seven months investigating Reed's involvement with Abramoff.

MARVIN OLASKY: There was a lot of fooling going on. Abramoff, in a way, was manipulating Ralph Reed. Ralph Reed was manipulating others. But perhaps Ralph Reed was manipulating Abramoff and saying, Im accomplishing these things, whereas he wasn't. So, you know, there were millions of dollars changing hands. There were actually hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in this whole thing.

LOU DUBOSE: You know, there's something ironic and amusing in all that, is that while Abramoff was shaking down these Indians, it's quite possible that Ralph Reed was shaking down Jack Abramoff.

Such a nice loyal set of friends.

Amy asked Bill Moyers about why he came out of retirement.

You ask why Im back. As I listened to you begin this broadcast with the litany of reality that you report, I got a slow burn, you know, at just what's happening to this country, to our government and to America under the reign of the corporate, political and religious right. And there are so few places that, as you are doing, are just simply telling the other side of the story, letting the facts add up, that I realize I couldn't sit in the rocking chair and comfortably enjoy the books Im reading, while our democracy, it needs all the information those of us who are independent journalists can provide. So I came back, because there just is too much to report and too much to tell, at a particular time when I think were in a -- when our democratic form of government is in the most precarious state since the Depression.

Thank you, Bill Moyers!

This is independent and investigative journalism that is truly a citizen's treasure. Do watch the first segment tomorrow and the next two the following two Wednesdays.

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as of now yes

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Posted by: torry at October 4, 2006 04:38 PM

I watched the the Capital Crimes that should be required in every High School and Colledge it will be up to them to save our democracy. I fear it will not be in my time. Can't help but think of the German minister saying first they came for thr trade unionest and that was not me ......and so forth

Posted by: Dorothy Baker at October 5, 2006 08:40 PM