September 27, 2006


Hunter explains that the current debate over torture is a distraction, a mere political ploy. It's a good case:

... If we find enough faces to torture, we allow for the most Republican solution available. Do not think about the Iraq; think about the evil men. Do not think about incompetence; think about the evil men. Do not think about Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Iran, or Shock and Awe, or of men before us, greater men, men of higher caliber, who knew not to do such things, who felt their country above such things.

... [T]his -- all of this -- is yet another case of a Republican party so incompetent, so broken, so devoid of any plan in the war on terror or on Iraq that literally all they can come up with, as a cohesive strategic foreign policy, is "dunno, maybe let's waterboard some guys?" ...


There was a freak with a sign on my campus today that had a swastika on it and the claim that people who supported abortion rights were the equivalent of Hitler. He was untroubled by the numbers of Iraqis who have died, been poisoned by our depleted uranium, been tortured or by the innocence of their country on the particular charges that were made against them. He was untroubled by capital punishment. He thought that gay people were unnatural, against God just by their very existence. He thought that the rights of a ball of cells without a functional nervous system should have the same rights I do, unless it was the product of rape.

That man's political heroes are running this country and Hunter is right. It isn't about issues when our political niceties concern arguments about exactly how barbaric and brutal we're going to be. As the saying goes, we're past issues, we've got the subscription.

It's a good day to help get a Democrat elected.

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