September 23, 2006

Who Would You Believe?

A Turkish newspaper is reporting that Pakistan is now being threatened by the U.S.:

U.S. President George W. Bush announced he would order military action inside Pakistan if they had solid intelligence indicating that Osama bin Laden was hiding there. ...

Well, Bush did say that, even if he had earlier described Pakistan as a sovereign nation that he wouldn't send troops into without invitation. According to Musharraf, someone in his administration also said this:

With the United States and Pakistan united in a war against terrorism, the suggestion Friday that the United States once threatened to bomb the Pakistanis "back to the Stone Age" landed like a diplomatic bombshell. ...

The Bush administration denies the latter claim and I don't know if they're lying to cover their bums or telling the gods' honest truth. But given their track record with the truth, their lack of respect for other sovereign nations and their kill 'em all 'diplomacy,' it certainly sounds like something the Bush administration *could* have said. Which makes Bush's slip from the public line of respecting national sovereignty even more dangerous than it might otherwise be.

Pakistan is one Musharraf (which is a measurement of warm bodies and not to be confused with a Friedman, which is a measurement of time) away from being a radical Talibanesque state with nuclear warheads. Must we crank up their paranoia that they'll be next someday? (A paranoia that, I might add, is only unjustified because they've got absolutely no oil or gas and The Bomb. If there's a better type of protection against a Bush invasion, I don't know of it. Musharraf could probably invite bin Laden to lunch and televise the whole thing live without Commander Codpiece so much as twitching a Tomahawk.)

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