September 22, 2006

Today's Voting Machine Story

Robert F. Kennedy warns that the coming election is currently threatened by massive fraud because of the Electronic Voting Systems that will be used. His latest article in the Rolling Stones will raise the hair on the back of your neck as you realize the extent of the problem in the past and the full impact of using these machines in this upcoming election.

It asks the question, did the Max Cleland election in 2002 involve fraud? A former Diebold consultant who worked on the election says there is reason to think there was.

Why should people be concerned about this problem (besides the latest study from Princeton that showed the machines could be easily compromised)? Perhaps it's because there is enough evidence to show that there have been any number of problems with these voting machines and we simply don't have a democracy if we can't trust our elections.

Ask yourself, why are we asked to just trust the machines and accept that the votes are safe? Why not ask instead, prove the election was safe by providing real ballots that can be recounted? Of course, if you live in Florida, you can forget getting any assurance that your election was run fairly, because it seems that the state has passed a law that stops any hand count once a ballot was counted by a machine thus guaranteeing that the Princeton vote-stealing programs can be run without detection. Floridians are being told that they must "trust the machines." What they should do is toss every legislator out that voted for that monstrosity and get a some representatives that understand their job is to stand up for real democracy and fair and fraud-free elections.

Have you contacted your representatives and your state officials about this problem? Visit to see what you can do to help make our elections safe.

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It's a catch-22. How can they toss them out when their votes won't counted?

Posted by: dd at September 25, 2006 04:15 PM