September 20, 2006

OMFG, It's Wednesday, or, Why Bush Isn't The Devil

I can't believe the week is half gone, or as Cassidy might say, Jay-zus. Just came back to town, boxes still packed and stacked from the move, boatloads of transcribing left to do (more on that at a later time) & some last touches on the report. As a further indignity, I seem to have left an avocado in my room just before heading out of town, which I surely forgot about for the reason that I don't normally keep avocados on top of the dresser. It wasn't pretty, but thank goodness I didn't leave something there that would have liquefied. Also, there's a quiz to study for. Monday is the first day of class and it's starting with a quiz. I expect that I'm going to have to engage in some pre-emptive decompression Saturday night for the sake of my health, something ... scandalous. There will be no pictures.

Today's soundtrack is sponsored by the sadly mistaken president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Bush isn't the Devil, silly man, he's Choronzon. Nominally equivalent in function to the Wrathful Deities of the Second Bardo in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Can't be having with this sort of theological confusion.

Now granted, the Devil is the archetypal keeper of inescapable gulags and loves to mislead people into sin through appealing to their greed or fear. Satan also lies with a smile, delights in the suffering of others, is without shame or apology and twists divine words in order to create an illusion of righteousness. Considering these attributes, I can see where a person might be led into thinking that Bush was the Prince of Lies incarnate. It's an easy mistake.

Yet if we examine these mystical entities with an eye towards their function, it seems clear that Bush is by no means the Devil. The Devil as represented is actually a power and personality unto himself whose qualities are objective and, post fall, unchanging. Yet Bush clearly derives his power and capacity to do harm from the American people, while his motivating force comes from the legions of neoconservative imperialists shilling for a kinder, gentler fascism. In terms of that power derived from Americans collectively, he can be seen as the Wrathful Deities of the Second Bardo, a reflection of the karma accumulated through apathy and lack of compassion that will dissipate with enlightened awareness of this condition. Failing the test of the Wrathful Deities leads to the soul continuing in bondage to their karma, while passing it can lead to freedom from the wheel of karma and the liberation of the soul to choose a new path. As the representative of his neoconservative motivators, Bush is Choronzon, the Abyss whose trap is the desire of the ego to self-protect through absolute control. The test of Choronzon can lead either to annihilation or enlightenment.

And yes, this will be on your final exam.

1. Temple of Love - The Sisters of Mercy
2. Sad Songs & Waltzes - Cake
3. Virgin State of Mind - K's Choice
4. Jesus Built My Hotrod (extended) - Ministry
5. Wanderlust - Mark Knopfler
6. Imitation of Life - R.E.M.
7. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes - Paul Simon
8. Wishlist - Pearl Jam
9. Pure - The Lightning Seeds
10. Sunset Soon Forgotten - Iron & Wine

"This lightning storm, this tidal wave, this avalanche, I'm not afraid." - R.E.M. Imitation of Life

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I don't think Choronzon could be right. You need to search out the Demon of the Incompetent, the Abyss whose trap is the desire is to steal money from poor people.

Posted by: maidhc at September 21, 2006 12:22 AM

Interesting. Thanks!

Posted by: Sexy pantyhose at September 30, 2006 10:31 PM