September 16, 2006

Yearning to be Churchill

George Bush has a Churchill bust in the Oval Office. This Churchill bust was borrowed from the British who say Blair didn't have the authority to loan it out and they want it back. But why did Blair offer the bust? Because early in 2001 before Bush got his wish to be a "war president", he expressed his desire to be inspired by the great warrior.

Shortly after he was sworn into office in 2001, President Bush mentioned in a speech that he “lamented the fact that there was not a proper bust of Winston Churchill…to put in the Oval Office” as he had been an admirer of the former British leader because as Bush later said, “he was a great war leader”. Bush’s statement prompted Tony Blair to make arrangements to loan the Churchill bust to the President for the duration of his term.

So nowadays the syncophants claim he is as great as Churchill. That's because he and they know it's true because according to them, he was chosen by God to lead the fight against evil.

(h/t to Tom Tomorrow)

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Isn't George,jr a millionaire or something? Couldn't he have bought one for his office and then donated it to the White House? Obviously he could afford to, and that would have been a magnanimous gesture.

One has to wonder if he got some kind of dchildush thrill from being lent something he to which he wasn't supposed to have access.

Posted by: Jonathan Versen at September 16, 2006 09:25 PM

either your commenting software is adding characters or I made a lot of typos.

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Jonathan, I'll have to check out the software. I know it adds in a starting paragraph tag that it shouldn't - so perhaps it is also messing up the words as well. If you see it again. please send me an email about what you typed and the final comment that got mangled.

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