September 15, 2006

Daniel Ellsberg Asks Insiders to Expose Bush War Plans

E&P reports that in next month's Harper's, Daniel Ellsberg is asking insiders to leak the details of Bush's war plans. Ellsberg knows that what he's asking insiders to do is very hard, but he knows how necessary it is and how important that it be done early enough to change the direction our country is heading. And Ellsberg has said that he regrets he waited so long to come forward with the Pentagon Papers because he might have headed off some of the worst that came from the Vietnam war.

Today he believes that Hersh's anonymous sources who have been talking about Bush's plan to bomb Iran to stop them from getting nuclear bomb need to come forward if we are to head off Bush's plans. Indeed, as Hersh reported, the generals were extremely worried that Bush was leaning towards using nuclear weapons in Iran and rebelled until the Bush administration took tactical nuclear weapons off the table.

Now, in the Harper's article, therefore, he declares: "Assuming Hersh’s so-far anonymous sources mean what they say -- that this is, as one puts it, 'a juggernaut that has to be stopped' -- I believe it is time for one or more of them to go beyond fragmentary leaks unaccompanied by documents. That means doing what no other active official or consultant has ever done in a timely way: what neither Richard Clarke nor I nor anyone else thought of doing until we were no longer officials, no longer had access to current documents, after bombs had fallen and thousands had died, years into a war. It means going outside executive channels, as officials with contemporary access, to expose the president’s lies and oppose his war policy publicly before the war, with unequivocal evidence from inside.

"Simply resigning in silence does not meet moral or political responsibilities of officials rightly 'appalled' by the thrust of secret policy. I hope that one or more such persons will make the sober decision -- accepting sacrifice of clearance and career, and risk of prison -- to disclose comprehensive files that convey, irrefutably, official, secret estimates of costs and prospects and dangers of the military plans being considered.

"What needs disclosure is the full internal controversy, the secret critiques as well as the arguments and claims of advocates of war and nuclear 'options' -- the Pentagon Papers of the Middle East. ...

"The personal risks of doing this are very great. Yet they are not as great as the risks of bodies and lives we are asking daily of over 130,000 young Americans -- with many yet to join them -- in an unjust war. Our country has urgent need for comparable courage, moral and civil courage, from its public servants. They owe us the truth before the next war begins."

I've previously written on how Ellsberg demonstrates an example that we all can follow in whatever capacity we can because our country truly needs to be derailed from the path upon which Bush has put us.

And frankly, it's going to take an enormous outcry to derail this President. Tristero is quite right to note that Bush is capable and is more than likely ready to be the first president since World War II to use nuclear weapons -- not to stop a horrific, deadly war, but start a new one -- largely because he believes he can. After all, he's told people he was put on this earth to fight the battle of good and evil and that "he must do "what no Democrat or Republican, if elected in the future, would have the courage to do," and "that saving Iran is going to be his legacy.""

Bush is relentless in his single-minded focus of "transforming the world to his vision" and he has so many things on his side: a supine and ineffective press, a largely clueless opposition party, citizens alienated from today's government yet cynical about whether they can make any change, and one-party rule that has betrayed its oath and its duty to protect the Constitution. I believe it will take extraordinary courage on the part of a whole bunch of people in order to tip the balance away from Bush's destructive course.

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The pope has mischosen his words during a speech lately. Sadly, this led to a new rift between Muslims and Christians. The Muslim called it a defamation campaign. Though I think this is clearly an exaggeration.

"Islam was spreat thru violence and bloodshed."
"This is inconsistent with god."
Furhtermore he called Islam
"evil and inhumane."

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bush fights gop rebellion over guantanamo military tribunals

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heckuva job bob pleadz guilty frontin us courts

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