September 12, 2006

Jim Hightower Coming To Seattle

Jim Hightower in Seattle, September 14th, 2006It's been a heck of a trip this past couple weeks, I should have posted this ages ago. Still, if you can make it to Seattle this Thursday, I submit to you the Back To The Roots event briefing ...

Tix: $10 at Brown Paper Tickets online or call 1-800-838-3006

Please join us at our program's first big event this Thursday evening. A group of local activists and bloggers from Washblog and has teamed up with the Institute for Washington's Future for this Town Hall kickoff for our program.

Thursday, September 14, 7PM $10
8th and Seneca

Innovations in energy and agriculture
And a new civic awakening
With a special performance by **SEATTLE** PEACE CHORUS **

Jim Hightower, known by most as a firebrand populist, political humorist, pioneer of progressive talk radio, and best-selling author -- was also a key figure in movement against the corporatization of agriculture in the US in the 1970s. In his 1973 book, Hard Tomatoes Hard Times, Hightower referred to the changes in agricultural America, which led to the loss of million of farms, as a 'violent revolution'.

This country's Rightward turn has many connections to the woes in agricultural America. I-933 and the property rights movement are symptoms of this connection between the sustainability and fairness of land and resource use -- and political health. It is worth noting, for example, that the attempted buy-out of our state Supreme Court is funded by many of the same interests that fund I-933.

We are in an historic time in Washington state. Developments in alternative energy and sustainable agriculture have profound economic, environmental, and political significance. And they are intricately connected with land and resource use issues that are so politically potent. How can the citizens of Washington have more control in guiding the investments and policy decisions in this arena?

Hightower is progressive, funny, cutting -- highly entertaining. But this program is more than an inspiring call to "subvert the special interests to meet on common ground". It is also an invitation for your input. Progressive bloggers are known for combining new forms of communication with traditional on-the-ground activism The Back to the Roots program is exploring the use of approaches to help build the political power of the sustainability movement in Washington. We want to help build bridges between existing sustainability efforts in Washington and bring new voices into the mix. Whether you can attend on Thursday or not, please connect with us and help us shape this new program. A few spots are still open for the Meet and Greet with Jim Hightower and members of the sponsoring organizations at 6PM. Email me if interested (

More Info:
Back to the Roots

(By the way, this poster was created by the award-winning firm Modern Dog Design. It is hand screen-printed. Robyyne Raye, a founder of Modern Dog, is the artist. We'll be selling copies at the event. Very cool!)

Event Sponsors:

  • Climate Solutions
  • Community Radio KBCS 91.3 FM
  • Sightline Institute
  • Washington Association of Churches
  • Washington Public Campaigns
  • WA Sustainable Food & Farming Network
  • Washington Farmers Union
  • WA Tax Fairness Coalition
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