September 10, 2006

Finally It's Time for Some Accountability: Iraq for Sale

Just as the Bush administration is launching their latest campaign to blackmail Democrats into sacrificing our civil rights and the honor of our country or else be labeled as collaborators for terrorists, another campaign is ready to launch. But this campaign has the Bush administration and the rubberstamp Congress right in its sight. Because this campaign exposes the corruption that has flourished under Bush's watch in Iraq. Billions upon billions of American taxpayer dollars and the treasure of Iraqi have been used to make the war profiteers wealthy. Where did all the money go? And what did we get for it? Well, now the story is ready to be told.

Get ready to see the latest net-viral documentary from Robert Greenwald called Iraq For Sale. Then get ready to share it with your neighbors, your family and your friends.

Who are these war profiteers and how much of the pie are they getting? Well, one of them is Blackwater USA, now the most successful private security company in supplying mercenary soldiers to the US government. Their name first became known to the American public when 4 of their employees where captured, killed, drug through the streets and hung from the bridge in Fallujah in April 2004. It was their deaths that led to the "cleansing" of Fallujah right after the election. Blackwater has also been in the news because they are being sued by the families of those 4 men who believe the men were being setup to be killed by sending them into Fallujah without any warning or protection. These families believe their family members were put out like tethered goats in a field of hungry lions. And they are angry their deaths led to the deaths of so many Iraqis.

Who is Blackwater USA? As this clip shows, they are a company that deals in death and wars. And they've made over half a billion dollars on Bush's wars. No wonder they are a major contributor to the Republican war machine.

Buy the DVD. Host a screening. And spread the word.

Update: Here's a review from the NYTimes.

Update 2: Bill Scher of Liberal Oasis wrote a great article about this topic which you can find here.

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