September 09, 2006

Couple of Worthy Posts

Digby points to a Chris Bowers post I'd missed about the results of the polling they'd conducted in the CA-50 district. Even in a Republican district feelings about Iraq and Bush's failures are stunning.

  • 63% of Republican voters believe that Bush has made some or a lot of mistakes in Iraq.
  • 34% of Republican voters believe that Bush has definitely or probably not told the truth about the situation in Iraq.
  • 34% of Republican voters believe that Bush should probably or definitely be held accountable for the situation in Iraq.
  • 40% of Republican voters believe that the Democratic Party is more likely to hold Bush accountable for mistakes in Iraq.

What this proves is that democrats need to run on holding the Bush administration accountable because even a sizeable amount of Republicans want to see this happen. Chris follows up with great advice for Democrats running.

Another notable post is Media Matter's review of Suskind's One Percent Solution. It is amazing we've not seen more about this book. They ask a number of questions from their reading that are important.

* In the book, Suskind fleshed out some details regarding Bush's receipt of the now-famous August 6, 2001, memo headlined "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." Specifically, he reported that the "analytical arm of CIA was in kind of a panic mode" during that month and CIA officials "flew to Crawford [Texas] to personally brief the President -- to intrude on his vacation with face-to-face alerts." At the end of one such briefing, Bush reportedly responded to the CIA briefer, "All right ... You've covered your ass, now." (Pages 1-2)

How many briefings did Bush receive in August 2001 regarding the threat of a terrorist attack on American soil? What specifically did the president do to act on the information he received at those briefings?

Another question they asked that deserves an answer:

Considering that the harsh interrogation methods used against captured Al Qaeda operatives largely failed to produce actionable intelligence -- while the relationship-based technique used on some captives was successful -- why has Bush continued to tout the effectiveness of these interrogation methods in September 2006 speeches?

Yes, it is definitely time for some accountability.

BTW: you can help promote the great polling work that Chris is leading by making a contribution here.

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