September 03, 2006

To Mike! From Leathard

If you had any doubt that the same corrupt petrochemical interests that own Alaskan politics are using Mike! McGavick as a stalking horse for taking over in Washington State so they can pollute our waterways at leisure, you should send that doubt on a long hike.

DKos diarist LieparDestin continues chronicling a series of FBI raids in Alaska, over two dozen targeting state legislators and Senator Ted Stevens. A company heavily involved in the allegations of corruption and previously fined for illegal campaign finance activities is petrochemical firm Veco, presided over by President Peter Leathard. This is from Mike!'s FEC dbase:

AK 99504 04/20/2006 $2000.00 VECO CORP/PRESIDENT 26020510342

I don't want Alaskan oil money representing my state in the Senate. How about you?

Posted by natasha at September 3, 2006 11:30 AM | WA Politics | Technorati links |

Not particularly.

That said, I also don't want my state represented in the US Senate by someone who has blood dripping from both hands.

No votes for McGavick or Cantwell. Elect Aaron Dixon!

Posted by: The Rambling Taoist at September 4, 2006 04:56 PM