September 01, 2006

Airliner Crash in Iran

This is another reason why Iranians don't care what America says:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian airliner caught fire after a tire burst on landing at a northeastern airport on Friday, killing at least 30 of the 148 people aboard, state television said.

... Air safety experts say Iran has a poor safety record with a string of crashes in recent decades, many involving Russian-made aircraft.

U.S. sanctions on the Islamic state have prevented it from buying new aircraft or spares from the West, forcing it to supplement its aging fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes with aircraft from the former Soviet Union. ...

Note that this ban isn't restricted to military aircraft parts. No parts for civilian aircraft, under any circumstances, can be sold to Iran by any company with a U.S. affiliation. They have to buy parts that are either of substandard manufacture or whose prices have been jacked up significantly on the black market. It's been a disaster for their civil aviation and killed quite a few people. That's a short, summary window into our moral authority with the Iranian public.

That doesn't include error-filled reports on Iran that follow the crippling of our real time intelligence on the country that began with the outing of Valerie Plame. Nor does it include the fact that U.S. media is known to exclude the statements of Iran's leaders from popular press reporting or to severely distort such statements. The U.S., at this point, gives off all the credibility of the LAPD during the O.J. Simpson trial, immortalized in jokes as the only police department in the country that couldn't frame a guilty man.

The people of the Middle East can see these things happening as well as any of us. They know blowhards in the U.S. talk about how they're working for the rights of women in their countries without having improved the lot of women in either Iraq or Afghanistan and while substantially ignoring the real concerns of those women the U.S. claims to be fighting to free. They know the U.S. will do nothing to prevent Israel from targeting their countries for military first strikes with vastly superior air war capabilities. They watch as the U.S. government sells off the public assets of the Iraqi nation as a full out civil war looms and the tracks are greased for another round of war hysteria. They know that the U.S. destroyed Iran's homegrown democracy in 1953.

I don't know what they're going to tell us while they're trying to convince the public that a war on Iran is the next Best Thing Ever. But if they try to say that the Iranian people will welcome U.S. troops with open arms, rise spontaneously against their leaders and immediately begin handing out oil contracts to Exxon-Mobil the following day, you can bet your sweet bippy that it'll never, ever happen that way.

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