August 22, 2006

Whimsy and Drang

I'm in no mood at all this morning for serious things, so the only thing I feel compelled to link to is this dKos diary and its screamingly funny comments about how liberals need to have more sex babies.

It isn't that there isn't anything serious going on, but you know how it is. I decided to stay an extra day with the friend who picked me up at the airport Sunday, and who's also trying to swear off politics because of the stress. So naturally all we've talked about for the last day and a bit has been politics. Middle Eastern politics, property taxes, Conneticut, the usual. Just a bit ago, my friend allowed as to how we might in fact be political junkies.

I naturally pointed out that considering how one of us pointed out a guy at the airport that looked like Bill Kristol, and the other immediately saw the likeness, there really isn't much question about our junkiness.

So it stands to reason that I'll soon be back to posting about all manner of Very Serious Things, being completely unable to help myself. Maybe as early as this afternoon at 3, there's no telling. I'm hooked. I need my news fix. I have to know what's going on and feel compelled to talk about it afterwards, which I hear is very bad form. Right now though, I'm more focused on sorting out an apartment, making plans to catch up on the SG-1 summer season and slacking.

When animals are full, they stop killing. - Translation of a Persian proverb

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