July 24, 2006

How Bush Will Exploit the Middle East Mess

After almost 6 years of watching Bush and his henchmen, there is one thing that should be clear: namely, they are always and constantly on the lookout for any opportunity for grabbing more power and striking out against their political enemies. As Bill Woodward reported in his book, Bush at War, Bush believes that confident action will create a slipstream that will cause other world leaders to line up behind him. So, while the majority of the world is watching with horror the events in the Middle East, the Bush administration is looking for how they can take advantage of the chaos. They do not care that Iraq is slipping (or has slipped) into the terminal death throes of a dying country destined to consume enormous numbers of its children as it dies. They do not care that Afghanistan is struggling to escape being overpowered by the gathering forces of darkness as the Taliban once more lays their nihilistic vision on the society. And they could give a damn that the civilians in Lebanon had nothing to do with the Hezbollah, they have no worth and are merely the collateral damage one expects while watching the "birth pangs" of a new world coming into being.

For Bush and his soulless henchmen (and women), the only thing that matters is that this is a great opportunity to strike back at their enemies and to force the world to follow their lead. So they are using the crisis to put forward John Bolton so that he will be the legitimate face of the United States - the man who seeks to destroy the United Nations because he loves battle and hates to compromise with others. They are using the crisis to make clear that only total capitulation is acceptable and if you do not repudiate the enemies of the Bush administration, you are yourself a terrorist and traitor. And it appears that they've convinced Senator Voinovich that John Bolton is necessary to stop the terrorists.

Ambassador Bolton's appointment expires this fall when the Senate officially recesses. Should the president choose to renominate him, I cannot imagine a worse message to send to the terrorists - and to other nations deciding whether to engage in this effort - than to drag out a possible renomination process or even replace the person our president has entrusted to lead our nation at the United Nations at a time when we are working on these historic objectives.

For me or my colleagues in the Senate to now question a possible renomination would jeopardize our influence in the United Nations and encourage those who oppose the United States to make Bolton the issue, thereby undermining our policies and agenda.

What next? Well, we know that Bush and his cult believe that force is the answer to everything. They believe that they will "win" when everyone who opposes them fears them so much that they will let the Bushites rule the world as only they know it should be ruled. Now that we have people like Newt Gingrich declaring that we are no longer in a simple war on terrorism, but the real thing, World War III, what do you think is next?

Well, we are once more being told that the President is doing God's work. Indeed, the President is always right. To go against him is to blaspheme and therefore, we must do his bidding. So what do you think are the odds that we'll hold elections this fall now that we know it is so important to give the President whatever he wants?

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So what do you think are the odds that we'll hold elections this fall now that we know it is so important to give the President whatever he wants?

I think the odds are pretty good if the price of oil goes above $100 per barrel. The most ruthless dictator can last only so long as he is competent in protecting the assets of the top 33% of society.

Posted by: Chris Vail at July 26, 2006 05:49 PM