June 25, 2006

Al Gore on Charlie Rose

Via XOVER at Dkos, the Charlie Rose interview with Al Gore is available here now. Note that this link is only available free for a limited time.

Al's Key Quote: "The sense of urgency is no where near what it needs to be."

In this interview, Al Gore talks about how many of the scientists he talks with are so alarmed that they tell him they feel compelled to leave the lab to go out and actively advocate for change. Al is compelled to action by their alarm and so what Al is doing is to take their research and to put it in terms average people can understand, helping the scientists stay in their labs continuing ther research. However, I know exactly how they feel. I know that sometimes I feel if we are to change our current course, that I should do more, including leaving my job and finding a role that works on the real problems of our world. What would be the impact on our world if everyone of us that is deeply concerned about the current direction, left our jobs to spend time on the problems that really matter?

What Al hopes to convey with his movie and his book is that we all must take on a sense of urgency in order to address this critical problem. We have so little time to avoid the worst consequences of global warming.

Definitely watch this show if you can. And then make sure you let your friends, family and neighbors know that they should also see An Inconvenient Truth as we all need to encourage our country and our government to take responsibility on global warming.

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