June 17, 2006

More YearlyKos Coverage

One thing about a netroots conference with lots of bloggers and journalists in attendence is how many different perspectives you can read about post-conference. I thought I would highlight a few of the more interesting pieces I've read.

Ari Melber of the Nation was a panelist on the War, Foreign Policy and Activism panel. His writeup on the conference provided insight into the incestuous and uncomfortable relationship between all the players and the influence that the blogosphere has had on politics.

YearlyKos was complicated to cover because it boiled down to a gathering of writers who often write about one another: bloggers critiquing reporters; reporters covering the blogosphere; bloggers analyzing politicians; politicians courting (and blogging about) the netroots; and of course, bloggers writing about bloggers. It sounds chaotically incestuous. Sometimes it was, with insiders interviewing each other about each other.

...The evolution is simply happening faster in politics because the netroots have an immediate impact on politicians and reporters, while most consumers don't have that kind of impact on companies. I think that influence stems from the netroots triple threat: issue advocacy, voters and money. All three were on display.

Kid Oakland had a wonderful diary about YearlyKos with great comments following. He truly captured the mood of so many of us who revelled in the meeting of so many of our virtual community.

Don't miss this take by Micah Sifry (h/t k/o).

And it was Kid Oakland again who pointed to Garance Franke-Ruta's piece in TAPPED. Garance's article covered the politician-blogger interaction and in particular noted that a few select bloggers were invited to interview Mark Warner.

Post-keynote, Warner met with a handful of carefully selected bloggers in an upstairs Riviera Hotel & Casino skybox. It was a surprisingly D.C.-centric crowd, featuring netroots regulars like former lobbyist and Clark volunteer coordinator Howard Park; Democrats.com owner Bob Fertik, a Yale-educated proponent of impeaching Bush; labor lawyer Nathan Newman, also Yale educated, now a policy director at a legislative advocacy group and a TPMCafe regular; and Adam Bonin, the round-faced Philadelphia attorney who represented DailyKos founder Markos Zuniga Moulitsas and others before the Federal Election Commission earlier this year as bloggers defended themselves against possible regulation.

Even the outside-the-Beltway bloggers who made the cut for the exclusive sit-down were part of the more establishment crowd. Joan McCarter, 42, a.k.a. front-page writer McJoan on DailyKos, used to be a legislative aide to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, and her father chaired the Idaho Democratic Party during the Frank Church era, while blogger Natasha Celine of Pacific Views cut her teeth interviewing presidential candidates as one of the girls on the bus during Howard Deanís Sleepless Summer Tour in August 2003.

Frankly, I'm not sure that I would categorize this set of bloggers, D.C.-centric. Nevertheless, this is an interesting read.

For another fascinating take on YearlyKos, the TAPPED piece and the advocacy of Mark Warner by the top bloggers, you should read Majikthise's piece.

So what have you read that is worthy of notice?

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