June 13, 2006

¿Voy a Costa Rica?

It seemed for a while there like I was all set for an internship in tropical cropping in Costa Rica. I had a waterproof, no batteries necessary flashlight, a first-aid kit, waterproof camera, travel guide, botany guide, plane tickets, passport, ride to the airport and someone to rent my apartment for the ... or not so fast. Turns out that last thing wasn't quite as sure as I thought and I'm now looking at a $1,300 bill for summer rent that about matches the $1,300 bill for the summer internship.

As of just a few months ago, this would have been only a minor hitch, I'd planned wiggle room and made sure to travel cheap when I've had to. Yearly Kos, for example, had been planned for a good while and aren't you glad I was in on the Warner Q&A? Yet things, you know, went wrong. This year, many more things went wrong even than usual, which is saying something. If you've been following the plot, you may remember the highlights. If not, I won't bore you. But there was just no room for this last thing to get wrenched.

In the end, it comes down to one question... Would you like to get dispatches from Coto Brus, Costa Rica this summer? It's a rural coffee-farming community six hours south of the capital and I'm told it's quite friendly. There are also lots of beautiful, rainforest plants and interesting wildlife waiting to be photographed, stories waiting to be told, skin waiting to be sunburned, you know, the tropics. I'll send pictures, because my camera battery charger is the first thing going in my bag, sweeping vistas, lovely close-ups, so it'll be like you're there on a nature hike with me. And lastly, if you harbor any resentment towards me, then you should definitely want me in Costa Rica this summer. Think of it as sending me to a certain doom of insufficient insect repellent and hungry, hungry bugs. I swear, I'll tell you all about it so you can gloat. Promise.

Just please, please, help send me to Costa Rica for my internship. Every little bit helps.

Update: Thanks for helping out, folks, I really appreciate it. I was just able to cover the internship fees, so I'll be going next week after all. Look out for updates!

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