June 10, 2006

Iran Won't Be Another Iraq

Want accountability on foreign policy? A rational pause in the rush to demonize the latest enemy, maybe a considered judgement based on the best current intelligence? I should think so.

As it happens, so does Harry Reid.

Reid has called for further intelligence oversight.

... Reid's proposed bill, called the Iran Intelligence Oversight Act, would require an updated national intelligence estimate on Iran, with an unclassified summary made public.

It also would require President Bush to report to Congress on his objectives and strategies for Iran.

The administration's national intelligence director also would have to show Congress that he has a process in place for reviewing administration officials' statements and ensuring they are consistent with the work of professional intelligence analysts. ...

Fortunately, an estimate is in preparation, though the country has been judged as of last year to be 10 years away from nuclear weapons. I can only speculate that any such estimates might be more accurate if Valerie Plame, who was gathering intelligence specifically regarding Iran's nuclear program, was still undercover along with the CIA front company and non-official cover colleagues who worked with her under that umbrella.

Reid just told us this evening that his legislation will require everything the Bush administration says about Iran to be monitored and backed up in writing. To be checked and verified. Reid said that "everything they say will have to be backed up by facts," though he added that he didn't expect the Bush administration would like that requirement much. No more yellowcake. No more aluminum tubes.

"Iran cannot, and it will not be, another Iraq," said Reid. You tell 'em, Harry. Now go give 'em some hell. As one of the audience members here at the convention said, we've got your back.

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Too bad Bush would just tack on a signing statement saying he can say whatever he wants about Iran and that Congress can go Cheney themselves if they think he is going to be held accountable for his actions.

Posted by: The Xsociate at June 11, 2006 12:07 AM


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