June 06, 2006


Steve Benen, who is sitting in for Kevin Drum, finds the admission from David Safavian that he was probably not qualified for the job he had been appointed an occasion for a riff on a number of Bush appointees that could make the same confession.

This list just never seems to end. Safavian's admission was helpful, but we'd probably get the same response out of most of the administration's political appointees. There might as well be a "No Policy Experts Need Apply" sign hanging in the West Wing.

How fun. And he didn't even add some of the more obvious:

Michael Brown, previously fired as head of the International Arabian Horse Association.

George C. Deutsch, previous spokesperson at NASA who's claim to fame is to mussel muzzle scientists.

Dr. Norris Alderson, the vetenarian who was named to head the FDA's Office of women's health, only to be unnamed within hours when someone in the FDA realized that women were different than animals.

And who can forget the fact that the first appointee for the important Department of Homeland Security head was Bernie Kerik, now exposed as "a self-serving little hustler who, as police commissioner, perverted his public office to advance his own fortunes and those of his cronies."

Who's your favorite slug appointee?

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I believe that would be "muscle," not "mussel." As an aquatic ecologist, I'd rather not have Mr. Deutsch associated with my critters.

Posted by: tjewell at June 6, 2006 09:16 AM

lol, tjewell. Sometimes it takes a reminder to recognize one's own malapropism.

Posted by: Mary at June 6, 2006 10:30 PM

recess appointment to the UN - that asshole bolton. goddamn, but that guy is one of the world's biggest losers.

Posted by: bernard shakey at June 6, 2006 11:23 PM