May 24, 2006

Global warming may be happening faster than we think.

That's the conclusion of two separate scientific studies, one in North America, one in Europe.

According to researchers, most previous estimates of the progress of global warming haven't taken into account the feedback between higher temperatures in the atmosphere and the natural production of greenhouse gases. As global temperatures rise, more greenhouse gases are produced. This raises temperatures and causes the production of even more greenhouse gases. And so on.

The higher temperatures that result from this feedback mechanism would be bad enough, but the situation is aggravated as humans burn fossil fuels — as they have increasingly done for the past two centuries. As a result, say scientists, temperature increases may be 15 to 78 percent higher than most current estimates.

But since Dubya says that we don't really know that global warming is caused by human activity, I guess none of us have to worry, huh?

Via Reuters.

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