May 24, 2006

Bush Can't Get No Respect

Gosh, those Bush-haters just don't let up.

For all of [our] patience, we've been rewarded with the botched Hurricane Katrina response, headed by an unqualified director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which proved that the government isn't ready for the next disaster. We've been rewarded with an amnesty plan for illegal immigrants. We've been rewarded with a war in Iraq that drags on because of the failure to provide adequate resources at the beginning, and with exactly the sort of "nation-building" that Candidate Bush said he opposed.

...White House and congressional Republicans seem to have adopted a one-word strategy: bribery. Buy off seniors with a prescription drug benefit. Buy off the steel industry with tariffs. Buy off agribusiness with subsidies. The cost of illegal bribery (see the case of former congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham) pales next to that of legal bribery such as congressional earmarks.

Damn. Sounds just like the complaints that have tied up the lefty blogosphere for years - the Bush administration is so incompetent that they can't even do the little things right. How ironic that this complaint was penned by someone who should be one of Bush's most ardent backers: Richard A. Viguerie.

It seems like the Christian Right feels betrayed by their friends on a number of fronts. This morning on NPR one of the reports concerned how corruption has betrayed the movement which featured the prominent preacher, Chris Geeslin, who had been a good friend of Ed Buckham, former Tom DeLay aid, and now caught firmly in the Jack Abramoff honey pot. Evidently, the crass power grab that DeLay enacted has created a sense of betrayal by the friends that once backed his every move because they didn't realize that the tactics used and promoted by DeLay and Rove not only hurt their targets but also hurt those too close to them. When you build an organization on lies and hate, the organization will eventually implode on itself.

So long after the religious right selected George W Bush as their leader, they have started to match his (and his friends) actions to what Christ would expect. So much for the cult of Bush as well. By the way, this cult seems to have been explicitly spelled out in the national media in this piece by Dana Milbank in 2001.

Pat Robertson's resignation this month as president of the Christian Coalition confirmed the ascendance of a new leader of the religious right in America: George W. Bush.

For the first time since religious conservatives became a modern political movement, the president of the United States has become the movement's de facto leader -- a status even Ronald Reagan, though admired by religious conservatives, never earned. Christian publications, radio and television shower Bush with praise, while preachers from the pulpit treat his leadership as an act of providence. A procession of religious leaders who have met with him testify to his faith, while Web sites encourage people to fast and pray for the president.

...Conservative Christians tend to view Bush's recent success as part of a divine plan. "I've heard a lot of 'God knew something we didn't,' " Reed said. "In the evangelical mind, the notion of an omniscient God is central to their theology. He had a knowledge nobody else had: He knew George Bush had the ability to lead in this compelling way."

Bush himself dismisses the notion that he is part of some divine plan. "He does not believe he was chosen for this moment," a senior aide said. "He just views himself as governing on his beliefs and his promises. He doesn't look at himself as a leader of any particular movement."

Oh, that's right, Bush is a humble man who would never believe that God had chosen him for his position of Ruler of the World.

So does the carping from the leaders of the Christian Right undermine the faith of those that succumbed to the cult of Bush or do they hang onto their belief that he is the sword that God is using to bring the second coming? I guess we will need to watch the polls to see if that rock bottom 29% starts to drop. As Richard Viguerie said in response to the administration comments:

"It is not entirely true that Bush has betrayed everyone. The 1% of his voter support that came from big business corporate America - he's been truthful to them. They have gotten the legislation, the appointments; I can't think of any issue that they have strongly supported where Bush has opposed them."

What is your bet on how low Bush's approvals can go?

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