May 17, 2006

University District Shooting

Police cordon, University Ave., Seattle, May 16, 2006An armed mugger in Seattle's University District shot his victim three times Tuesday night just before 9 p.m., ultimately fleeing on foot.

Police cordon, University Ave., Seattle, May 16, 2006Police say witnesses reported that the mugger wrestled an unidentified man's backpack from him, then chased and shot him, with bullets hitting the victim in the groin and pelvis, as well as grazing his head. Police say the victim's injuries were not life threatening and that he was alert at the scene. A fourth shot went through the window of the Ruby restaurant, though no one inside was injured.

At 9:20, police still had the area around the 4200 block of University Ave. cordoned off and were continuing to search for the suspect as of the last public update at 10:45.

Posted by natasha at May 17, 2006 12:24 AM | WA News & Trivia | Technorati links |

Please do not let this be a "new" news item for your blog. You can't turn on TV news or listen to the radio without being deluged by murders, rapes, car crashs and fires. The regular media has given up on "news" in favor of disaster type headlines and people dying. We have enough of that already. Thanks

Posted by: Steve Zemke MajorityRulesBlog at May 17, 2006 12:42 PM

It happened, I was there with my camera, I wrote about it. Not planning to go scouring the streets for alarming occurences as a matter of policy, but considering that this may be the first post of its kind on PV, I don't see the cause for alarm.

As it happens, I was there to hear Eduardo Galeano at the UW and plan to post about that as soon as I get the chance to do a proper writeup. Will that redeem the sin of posting about something that I couldn't help but notice when I was walking right by?

Posted by: natasha at May 17, 2006 01:20 PM