May 06, 2006

Weekend Roundup

So much interesting news & commentary, so little time. But you should under no circumstances skip Tristero's post at Hullaballoo (in among many fine posts on the military and intelligence scandals rocking the establishment) regarding the war on fucking, wherein he asks this pressing theological question: "[W]hat else could hell be but a place that bans fucking?" And if you have time after that ...

Via Atrios, DeLay is tied to Abramoff bribes via email. Everybody knew, now there's the proof.

CNN Headline News hired Glenn Beck for a regular segment with them, even though he's said nasty things about the victims of 9-11 and Katrina, then lied about it on their network.

At Alas, Rachel S. writes about the experiences of biracial children and Ampersand brings us a link roundup discussing the Duke rape case.

Becky writing at Preemptive Karma notes that Republicans and their approved contractors are starving the troops and that Bush has declared WWIII.

Firedoglake has a couple tidbits about what many of us are hoping will be the incipient frogmarching of various administration henchcritters, noting that the CIA warned Libby not to compromise Plame and that in desperation, he's going to argue that Joseph Wilson is to blame. Also, a great visual of Halliburton's success at war profiteering.

The UK Independent points up the oil companies' plans to increase campaign contributions to head off a windfall profits tax, just days after reporting that Royal Dutch Shell is claiming first quarter profits of 1.5 million an hour.

In agriculture news. The Food and Agriculture Organization notes that 39 countries, 24 of them in Africa, are facing food crises. Agricultural subsidies won't be forthcoming to farmers in South Africa, Nepalese ag projects will be getting help from Japan, and USDA storm aid will be available to growers affected by the last hurricane season. North Dakota is trying to clear the way for commercial hemp farming. And a USDA E. coli alert has prompted a ground beef recall by a Tulsa distributor.

What're we legalizing/criminalizing now? Oklahoma looks set to permit tattoo parlors. U.S. pressure caused Mexican President Vicente Fox to backtrack on decriminalizing possession of small amounts of drugs.

The warmongering U.S. may be facing a Chinese peace drive in the war for the world's hearts and minds. And yeah, China is an enormous rights abuser. To which, anyone on the planet with a news hookup that's been working for the last few years will say, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan, Iraq, extraordinary rendition ... American representatives can argue until they're blue in the face that we don't do that sort of thing, but no one will buy it.

Pictures of American war casualties that you won't find in the U.S. media.

Is it possible that the gambling and hookers scandal that's spread from Duke Cunningham to the CIA's Foggo and Goss could turn out to be a gay hooker scandal? If we're good and don't piss off Santa this year, we might just get to see some of the Republican party's host of public and influential bigots get hoist on their own petards.

The Zapatistas and other Mexican citizens' groups are reported at Narco News describing 400 political arrests, as well as beatings and rapes by police forces, after thousands of marchers protested in Texcoco and Atenco over the treatment of peasant farmers.

Tamifah would like to know why we aren't planning to bomb Brazil right now, because they're enriching uranium, too.

The U.S. economy only added 138,000 jobs in April.

The Mideast warzones may be going straight to hell in many ways, but I'm sure that the Dobsons and Santorums of the world are pleased to know that it won't be because they tolerated sodomy. Lawyers, Guns and Money on the shooting of a gay 14-year old by Iraqis in police uniforms and the U.S.' willingness to work with Iran at the U.N. to block gay rights initiatives.

Blackademic with the 4th radical women of color carnival.

BBC Sci/Tech: A review of a report on how blogging is influencing business through consumer reporting from real, live consumers. Peter Gibson says the environmental movement should go home, which is to say, back to their own communities and to campaigns that address grassroots needs and perceptions of the places where people live. More animals (say bye-bye to the hippos and the polar bears while you can) make the world's growing endangered species list. Turns out that you can make water run uphill. A new paper discusses the possibility of cloaking devices.

BoingBoing: You can now get Colbert's dinner performance on DVD and at Google video. How RFID hackers can steal all kinds of stuff. The U.N. was just barely prevented from axing podcasting. Also we get two household items to tempt your every geek; invisible bookshelves and a computer desk that turns into a bed.

Avedon talks about blogging and media integrity, as well as having a fabulous collection of links to other topics for discussion both above and below that post.

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EXTRAORDINARY Roundup !! Wowzers !! Somebody has been spending a whole lot of time surfing !! man, this was great !! thanks !! brand new to the site ( like david byrne said 'how did i get here?' i got linked here just tonight and now i am drawing a blank from where ). i read through the posts from the last few days and i will be returning !

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here's something to read over the weekend

Fantasies of American Preponderance

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Thanks ff, I'll try to check that link out soon.

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